Abstract: 4. All is One

Triptych For Sale.
4. All is One

For Sale 121 X 164 cms Hinged Triptych  

A mostly deep purple, red and pink feast of creation, is framed by a the dark blue seas and mountains in each upper corner, and the inner meaning is held in the frame of a light turquoise vertical line and a golden section running right across the bottom of the picture. A white infinity hangs in a purple sky, white in its purity yet filled with pink, the pink of real flesh and humanness. Through its middle point, hints of flower stems rise up from the upright golden vessel of life, the centre and heart of the painting. A vessel that shines gold in daylight and yet in certain lights, is completely dark. The central infinity and golden vessel are splendor and purity, yet a dark force emerges from behind and between them, with yellow leaved eyes. The shadow needed to create form. And another deer like head, the hues of the purple sky, kisses and inhales the shadow, encircling the rest of golden vase to releases the fusion of light and dark into the vibrancy and chaos of life and form below, the forms of leaves, backbones and flowers. Showered with a purple fountain from the sky to water the base, the tumbles of forms falling left, cross the frame of the turquoise golden section, and together come to the bright yellow base of a single baobab tree, with hints of leaves, growing up through the painting The earthy grey baobab, the tree of life, is painted in the colour left from all the colours in the brush jar, with hints of leaves and flowers emerging around it curving solitary trunk. Yellow roads and bright forms grow in red valleys lead you across red and finally turquoise and yellow fields or plains to the sunset over the sea, the blood red aura of the yellow nested in a bank of clouds above the dark blue sea.  

The central white infinity also gives rise through a white line and purple flow, to a blue infinity hanging above the infinity of forms that emerge in life. Complimentary colors sit in the right infinite circle, reminding us that together we are one bright infinite light as is captured in the left infinity circle, which almost seems to have an eye, our inner light allowing us to see the tumbling forms emerge into creation below. Perhaps on the only truly figuratively drawn form is a bright green leaf in the centre of the picture, which in the tumble of reds, purples and yellows brings the reality of green life to our eyes and hearts.  

In the right panel of the triptych is a landscape of mountain and peaks. A vertical pale turquoise line completes, with the lower golden section, the framing of the whole inner picture. Below the mountains and peaks, and many layered landscape, the right panel being taken up mostly with an intriguing translucent orange form that reminds of a hollow vertebrae bone, yet a white leaf lies within. But the form that most beguiles, again and again is the latticed shape of a rounded blue vase in the lower right corner, from which flows the line of the turquoise golden section that crosses the whole picture; the line that lays the foundation of the picture and rises to bring life to the Baobab, the tree of life. 

The magic of Collis’ painting is that you are led. Your eyes are led to follow the directions that are pointed, that flow from infinity. You cannot but let your eyes roam and absorb, reading deep into a soul that is connected, that feels that there is essence and connection in all forms that emerge from infinity through the leela (dance, flowing interchange) of light and dark.  

This is not chaos, while flowing freely in many half spoken forms. This is the deepest message of the rhythms of life, the depths, the connections the flows. They are vibrant, joyful, deep and very human as the colours speak of a song sung with passion through the heart, through an open mind, through the hand to this special canvas. This is Mary’s inner song emerging from the core of her being.  

Sue Canney Dec 2010